Saturday, March 04, 2006

Finally, it feels like winter!

It is a tad bit nippy out there today. The sky is overcast and it is definitely thick jacket weather. It's kinda nice, since we've had such an extremely mild winter. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to spring/beginning of summer when we can have the windows open and enjoy the warm fresh air, not needing the heater on at all and before we need the air conditioner. But, I would really like to see some real snow before the winter's over.

Yeah, I haven't written in a week. Get over it. Between STILL being sick, chasing after Mason (aka our little monkey that's into EVERYTHING and has recently taken to climbing onto the couch, baby gate, you name it) and dealing with a crazy week at work, I've been tired and lazy. My first issue is just frustrating. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I take vitamins. I drink water. I get enough rest. Yet, I can't seem to kick the bug altogether. I have a few days where I feel normal and pretty good and then I wake up and I'm all snotty and coughing again. I'm still convinced I have some kind of allergies.

Mason's just being a toddler. He's into everything. He hates the word no. He can't tell you what he wants and gets really pissed about that. He'll want you to hold him and cuddle him one minute and let him run out into the street alone the next minute. He walks (even runs) everywhere, but doesn't really want to go the direction you lead him. He spent Thursday and Friday while I was at work, at a different babysitter. Our regular went to Disneyland with her husband and 4 kids. I was scrambling to find him a sitter and one was highly recommended. She watches a bunch of the school's kids, so she could be trusted. He absolutely LOVED it there. On Thursday (his very first day with her and these kids, mind you), he didn't want to leave. He was out in her backyard playing with some pushtoys and ran away from me. I guess that's a good thing, huh? I will for sure keep her in mind if ever I'm stranded again.

And work, well, what can I say? It's typical. And in all actuality, it wasn't that bad this week. That may have had something to do with the fact that the principal and vice were at some training in Sacramento all week. Which I find kind of humorous. Most schools are a bit chaotic and in a bit of an uproar if the administrators are out of the building, but I honestly think things went smoother than normal. I wasn't sent to some random classroom to cover, and there wasn't a single day that I came home fuming. Gee, ya think it's just coincidence?

Yesterday was an Early Release (kids got out at noon), which went superfast. The 6th graders were of course as expected very hyped up. At one point, I was in the middle of my writing lesson and this kid starts saying, "Three hours forty nine minutes till the end of the day." He counted down another two minutes before I snapped. Good gracious, it wasn't like it was the last day of school or even Christmas Break, for Pete's sake! They also weren't served lunch--just a snack. It consisted of chips, carrots and oranges. They went bonkers. No matter the age, I think kids just don't do well when their schedule changes or something different is happening. But oh well, we got through it and most of them actually finished my writing assignment.

Well, I may try to lay down, since Mason's down for his morning nap. He was an early riser this morning, and heck, I don't feel like doing anything else.