Saturday, September 29, 2007

We got rid of our crap!!

We had a yard sale today. I hate yard sales. I really do. I hate scavenging through the house looking for items that we haven't used in decades but still manage to have a reason to keep around. I hate compiling all the crap to sell. I hate labeling and pulling it out into the driveway.

That being said, we needed to get rid of some crap. We're moving in like 5 weeks and I really don't want to pack up stuff that we don't need or use anymore. So, we had a yard sale. It went pretty well. We made about $36. That's not a lot, but it's something I guess. It's like 2 visits to fast food. We didn't really have any big ticket items, just a lot of odds and ends. Ms. Cindy and her crew brought over some furniture and baby gear to sell, which they did, for the most part. Luckily they had a trailer, so when the sale was said and done, we just loaded up the leftovers and dropped them off at a donation place.

Yeah for having less to pack!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


This weekend was fun. Friday night we went to the County Fair. We took Mason last year, but I don't think he cared too much about it. This year, he got a kick out of all the animals and the people and the lights and the food (we had nachos and an incredibly greasy corn dog--not to mention the deep fried Twinkie, deep fried Oreos, deep fried Nutter Butter and deep fried Snickers that we shared with Ms. Cindy's family!!) and the rides. This year we took him on his very first ride: the Merry Go Round. He looked a little scared at first, but after one or two rotations, his eyes lit up and he couldn't stop smiling. It was pure joy.

Saturday, we went to two parties: one for a friend at work (whose house will be just a few blocks from our new one!) and one from Ms. Cindy's middle child's 7th birthday. Both were fun, but parties with cake are always better!

Sunday was church and me helping out in the nursery.

Today I woke up feeling like doody (yes, AGAIN) and Mason was a bit sniffly. I called out and stayed home with my son. We both went to the doctor and she said we both just have a cold. So, she didn't prescribe any meds. I just hope it goes away on its own.

That's it. You now know everything there is to know in the history of everything.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

(or at least the frequent visitors of this blog--not people that just happened upon my blog hitting the "Next Blog" button...)

I know it's been over a week. I'm sorry. Every night I get online to check me email and read other blogs and I come by here and think, "I should write something" and then guess what? I don't. Just don't feel like I've had much to say I guess. And I know you dedicated readers wouldn't admit it, but no one wants to read uneventful blogs. Who cares if I went to the store or took a shower or watched tv?

So yeah. I haven't been avoiding you, just my blog. :) Work's busy as it's been since August. Tomorrow's our first Fantastic Friday of the year, which should be interesting. For those who are actually able to go, there will be a teachers vs. students volleyball game and BINGO going on. Too bad I can't hang out to see how that turns out. I'm assigned one of the Retraining Rooms (where the kids who've been slacking on their grades get to go!) so, I'll just be sitting in my room with 15 students that have bad grades. And honestly, I'm going to take a guess and say less than half show up, because last year proved that kids that know they're not going to Fantastic Friday just don't come to school that day. Nice, huh?

I can't believe we have 2 weeks until Fall Break. That means 2 weeks until the Quarter's over! And 2 weeks before I'm 1/3 of the way through my time this school year! Yowza! And on top of that: 6 weeks until we move into our new house!! Our closing date is October 23, and we'll probably move the next weekend. That's unbelievable. It feels like there's so much to be done. I know it will all work out in the end, but right now, I feel like I'm at the bottom of Mt. St. Helens and someone's telling me to climb it in an hour! (thank goodness that's not the case, huh?)

Well, just wanted to check in and remind you that I'm busy and lazy. Not a good combo. Will write again when there's something interesting to say, I promise.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 Years

This time 6 years ago, I was in the second or so week of my very first year teaching. I was teaching 6th graders in Virginia and didn't live all that far from D.C. and the Pentagon. It was a very scary day. I didn't know how to handle it or what to say to the kids. I remember my hubby being in Korea at the time. I remember living with PBAF and how it took her all day to evacuate from her job in D.C. I remember going to New York the following March and seeing wreckage and hearing the silence and feeling chills up my spine.

My current students were in 1st grade at the time. Some remember and some don't. We talked some today, because I think it's important that they know something.

And my story might be a little more hard hitting and personal than a teacher that was in the West at the time.

I will never forget.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ba Bump Ba Bump Ba Bump...

We went to the doctor on Thursday. We heard a heartbeat. Everything's a-okay with the baby. :) I'm 11 weeks, due March 28, with a C-Section at about 38 or 29 weeks. No Ultra Sound until probably late October or early November, when we will hopefully find out the sex. Yippee. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here's a couple of magic tricks for ya!!

Poof! A week just disappeared and it's now the next Tuesday and I am writing another blog!

Ta-Da! Our son accomplished extreme potty accomplishments this weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house: he told Daddy he needed to go potty when we were at IHOP, he peed like a champ at their house (and preferred going WITHOUT the potty seat!!) AND pooped 2 times in the potty this weekend! We were so proud of him!! Hopefully that means underwear is around the corner. (as long it's around a corner that comes before Baby #2 arrives, I'll be happy!)

Abracadabra! Our son is growing up before our very eyes. Aside from the potty achievements, I realized sadly the other day that he has grown out of his cute orange shoes. If he's wearing thin socks he can get his feet in them, but his little toesies are at the very ends. So sad. So now he has all these orange clothes and boring white shoes to wear them with...

And the most powerful yet aggravating magic trick of them all...

Voila! I am down with the snotty junk!! Yee-haw!! It came around right before we headed down to see the in-laws this past weekend, and it just kept getting more and more debilitating. I napped everyday and tried to drink lots of fluids and administer the slim list of meds that I can take now that I'm pregnant (nose spray, Sudafed and Robitussin). Nothing worked for too long. Luckily I have my first OB appointment this Thursday, so I figure if I'm still a sickling, I'll have my doc prescribe me some antibiotics. I really don't want to take medication while I'm pregnant, but this sickness is taking its toll on me and I can't get proper rest or even spend quality time with Mason if I'm feeling lousy.

Hope you enjoyed the magnificent magic show. Don't forget to tip your waitress...