Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This little lion cub is 7 months old today!! That's amazing.

This was her coming-home-from-the-hospital picture.

Her feet come to the edge of that carseat. She drinks 6 oz. bottles and sleeps through the night. She makes all kinds of noises (often in a shouting voice) and can sit up for long periods of time.

She doesn't fit in her baby bath anymore and is working on some teeth. She eats baby food and wears 6-9 month old clothes.

And she loves to smile. At everyone. And everything.

We love our Gracie!! And her big brother too...

He'll be 4 in 2 months.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's humor

On the same note as my last entry, here's another picture from the LOLcats site. Enjoy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I can has cheezburger?

Yes, you read that right: "I can has cheezburger?" I'd like to say that this was leading into a hilarious anecdote regarding a student flubbing up in Language Arts class, but alas, it is not. But is something just as funny, if not funnier.

My Hubby has discovered this sight called LOL Cats, and the website is http://icanhascheezburger.com/ OMG, you must go look at it. Right now!! Don't keep reading this! Go!! It is so random it's funny. If you're still reading this instead of taking my suggestion (then shame on you!!), then let me give you the gist: it's a website dedicated to funny pictures of cats, and people can add captions to the pictures. That in itself is funny. But the people who add the captions is another entity that is inexplicable. They have poor grammar and their spelling is more than atrocious. It makes my 7th graders look like geniuses!! Here's a peek at what's inside this alternative universe:

AHAHAHAHA!!! And another one...

How did they get our cat Charlie's expression so spot on?? And lastly...

Oh man. Even if you dislike cats (or even go as far as despise them), you still gotta get a kick out of these. If you have yet to visit the site, I bet you're at least a tad bit intrigued, huh? Go ahead, it'll make your day.

My job is done here. :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Okay, I love Christmas as much as the next guy (well, maybe even more than the next guy, depending on who the next guy is. Maybe the next guy is the Grinch!! But I digress...), in fact it's my favorite Holiday. And by Thanksgiving, I'm ready to yank down (or kindly ask Hubby to yank down) the bins of Christmas decor and splash the house with lights and red and green everything!! But the key phrase there was by Thanksgiving. October just started, right?

Well, apparently, October (and in some places SEPTEMBER!!) is the time to put out Holiday stuff. Here's the funny part. I walk into Target yesterday and I see a strange sight (or at least it seems strange to me): in the same aisle, they have spooky Halloween and fall stuff ACROSS from Christmas and winter stuff. In the same aisle, people!!

I know it's hard to see in the pictures, but believe me, it's true. Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat buckets on the right, Christmas cards and lights on the left. Can we at least get through Halloween before selling Christmas stuff? Apparently not.

And this is the sign that proves it:

Only 79 days, people!! Better get to shopping!!

Monday, October 06, 2008


I use the term loungin loosely, as there isn't room for complete laziness when you have two kids, but I alas, I am on Fall Break. That's nice. It's weird to be home on a weekday. I feel like things are happening out there, and I'm missing it!! Anyways, the break has started off nicely. Yesterday, we went to a wedding and took the kids. And they did pretty well. There was a Daddy/Daughter Dance and my Hubby danced with his little Gracie and then later there was a Mommy/Son Dance and Mason and I cut a rug (well, really, he just stood on my shoes and wiggled around). Today, I've done some cleaning and Mason is currently watching "Emperor's New Groove". Tonight, I'm meeting a friend for dinner. Tomorrow is Me Time. I'm dropping Mason off at school and taking Grace to Ms. Allison's. I don't know what I'm doing for the first few hours (probably Target and the post office), but later in the day I'm meeting a work friend at the movies.

No plans for the second half of the week. I assume it will fill up with household duties and perhaps a visit with a friend or two.

It's just nice to make my own plans. But it feels weird...

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Okay, read the blog entry before this one first. Go read it. I'll wait...Doo dee doo...La la la...Done? Okay, now read the comment for that entry...

It just proves that there are websites out there that just look for key words in blogs to respond to. Because obviously it wasn't a person that read the blog and said, "Hmmm...it sounds like this blogger needs advice on where to find alcohol-free hand sanitizer!! I shall share my knowledge!" I was being funny in my blog. The kid I was referring to is a bit on the OCD side. He has also asked me if he could DIE from the germs on the railing of the stairwell. Die! I had to tell him to take a deep breath and that yes, he probably shouldn't necessarily lick the railing, but he probably won't die from the germs.

But hey, now I know where to get alcohol-free hand sanitizer for future reference!! Maybe I should pass this information on to my OCD student!! :)

Friday, October 03, 2008


I am surrounded by them all day. 24 hours a day. Granted, they range in ages depending on if I'm at home or at work (including some teachers that act like children!!), but either way, I'm around kids all the time. Which isn't too bad most of the time, but I feel like at least 90% of my day is spent repeating myself, trying to be patient, listening to whining, problem solving, disciplining, entertaining and laughing at ridiculous things. I am never bored. Never ever. That's good, right?

A few things to leave you with:

Something a 7th grader said not too long ago: "I just used hand sanitizer on my hands and then itched my nose, but then I read the warning on the sanitizer bottle and it said not to inhale, so am I gonna get high now?"

And something my 3 (almost 4!) year old sang the other day: (while playing with his Toy Story Woody figurine) "Old Macdonald had a Woody..."