Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been told by my students that I'm about as old as their moms...

And I've come to terms with that, because a) I am 30 afterall and I have been teaching for awhile. It was bound to happen eventually and b) I realize a lot of their mothers were very YOUNG mothers.

That being said, I didn't realize I would have a STUDENT that was a mom. Well, two instances (that are very different). I have recently come in contact with a former student on myspace. She was one of my students my first year teaching. I taught 6th grade in Virginia. I had one student in particular that I had a good repoire with and I even had her at the house a few times (a total Taboo, I know. But she had a crappy homelife, and I already told you it was my first year) and she looked at me more as a friend than a teacher. Anyways, her and I have been chatting for about a year now, and I know that she is 18 and should have graduated last May (that was weird enough for me), but she struggled a bit and was trying to finish up this year. Well, then about a month ago, I see new pictures posted on her page of a new baby. Her baby!! She had a little girl recently. I mean, I know she's 18, so she's a big girl and all, but that freaked me out a bit. I'm happy for her, it just makes me feel old.

Second story. I had a 7th grader last year that I talked quite a bit with. She was trying to make good decisions and do the right thing. Well, then the beginning of this school rolls around and I hear rumor that she's pregnant. As an 8th grader. It was later confirmed, so I start a dialogue with her and long story short, Grandma wasn't really taking good care of this girl and she hadn't been to the OB yet, even though she was 5 months pregnant already!! Some teachers and the school nurse took her under our wings and made sure she started taking care of herself (I even gave her some of my maternity clothes). She came by and showed me UltraSound pictures to declare it was going to a boy. This is a mixed emotion moment. I am glad she is sharing this part of her life with me and that she feels safe with me, but I did not in any way condone the decisions she had made. Well, she disappeared a few months ago, with rumors flying she had gone to Mexico. I knew if that was true, she wouldn't finish school and that would be it for her. Today in the teacher's lounge, a few teachers were wondering about this girl and trying to guess if she'd had the baby yet. Then, not but an hour later, I'm in my classroom and the Asst. Principal calls and says this girl is visiting and has specifically requested to see me and she has the baby with her. I go down to the office and see her. The baby boy is precious of course (more hair than Grace has now!!), but what a weird feeling. I was happy to hear she was local and planned to return to school in the Fall. I talked to her about the delivery and then had to get back to class. I congratulated her (what else do you say?) and told her to come by any time. I want to be there for her, but I have no training whatsoever in this sort of thing. I know God will give you the words and the heart for what is needed.

It's just further reason I can't teach high school.